Namahage Shinzo

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It introduced Nikki, Nayuta, and Charter

Guitar and Vocals: Lo
Bass and Lead Vocals: Nayuta
Keyboard: Nikki
Drummer: ?????

Probably Charter

FYI only Numbers 6 and 10 are available

Chapter 1

Naota and Yuu stepped out of Thunder Heart and looked around Akimoto Mall. Just like any other Saturday, teenagers flocked here in droves to play games, watch movies, and go shopping. Screaming children ran everywhere.

Naota tried to focus on Yuu in an effort to block out the painful distractions. But when every sharp noise made your ears hurt, sent waves of pain down your spine, and made your face cringe, ignoring the distractions could be difficult. Still, friends always made things better.

Yuu smiled as he held up his new game, a Shinigami Conglomerate RPG for the 3DS called Trigger Scream. “I heard they pulled several all-nighters to get this one out on time,” he said. “My aunt says they almost scrapped the project to work on Cross Quest VI, but one of her employees begged her to let development continue. Now it’s a best seller in Japan.”

“I’ve seen the trailers.” Naota said. Naota held the railing as they walked across a walkway joining two halves of the upper floor. Peering over the edge, Naota could see the people below laughing away as they went about shopping.

Yuu stopped. “Something wrong?” Naota asked.

“Hello,” said a young woman. Long black hair flowed down her back like a river, reaching down to her waist. She dressed casually, wearing an oversized white shirt with sleeves that hung over her fingertips. The shirt stopped just above her knees, hiding whatever else she may have worn underneath. Her skin was pale and beautiful, without a single mark or blemish.

 She carried a paper bag in one hand.

“What are you doing here?” Yuu asked as he studied the young woman carefully.

“Is that any way to speak to your superior?” She asked “I’m here to see Naota, of course,” her lips broke into a smirk. Her brown eyes stared at them with such raw power that Naota felt breathless. This woman was scary.

She hoisted herself up to sit on the railing. With crossed arms and crossed legs, she spoke. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Touka. Touka Akimoto.”

New Story OC Application


Powers: Most characters do not have powers, but we can work on something together if you want
Number: Certain members of the Akimoto and Vector families have a number. These numbers are plot important and range from 1-10.
Many numbers are already reserved.
If you wish to create an Akimoto or a Vector with a number, then you may. However, they should be 17 years old at the oldest, preferably a few years younger.

New Story

Ugh want to do a conversation between Hikaru and Lo but not sure what to write about

Also, the ideas for the NS prequel might end up being used in the Digimon story instead

New Story

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The air was cold, like somebody had turned the air conditioning on max, decided that wasn’t enough, and made it even colder. Fourteen-year-old Loaño Ishida was certain that the environment was cold enough to raise penguins. She pulled her leather jacket tight, but it still didn’t make her any warmer.

She stepped into the pawn shop as the door jingled behind her. She pretended to ignore the two employees as she looked about the room. One, a man, had thinning gray hair, a face speckled with stubble, and tanned skin. The second, a woman, had long black hair falling down to her waist, a bright smile, and dull brown eyes that betrayed her boredom with the day. They both wore the same uniform, a blue polo shirt and khaki pants. “May I help you?” The woman asked the young girl.

The man watched her carefully, like he was afraid she would steal something. Loaño was used to getting those looks. She was an unusual girl. She wore a leather jacket over her white T-shirt, and faded pants. She looked tough enough to pick a fight with a biker and win. But none of that was nearly as unusual as the goggles she wore on her head of short blonde hair. No matter where she went the goggles always earned her strange looks.

“No thanks, just looking,” the young girl answered. One corner displayed a case full of instruments: a shiny red guitar much like the one the girl had back home, a saxophone in bad need of shining, and an ukulele. Another gas display case showed off a collection of jewelry that held no interest to the young girl. A large fish stared at her as it swam around in its aquarium. It seemed agitated, like it could sense something wrong. The girl smiled at the fish for a second before focusing her attention elsewhere.

She found a rack of video games and DVDs on sale for extremely low prices. They had a box set of a kid’s show called Elforce Guardians, a rare Apples & Stars game called Black Rainbow, and a Shinigami Conglomerate game called Akashic Legend: Records of the Lost Moon Library. She picked them all up, figuring one of her friends might enjoy them. The show wasn’t her style and the games were for the PS3, a system she didn’t own. “I’ll just take these please.”

The woman at the counter scanned them all, “that will be twenty dollars and thirty one cents please.”

The girl fished a hundred out of her wallet and handed it over with a smile. “Thank you.”

“Have a nice evening,” the woman said as she gave the girl her change.

Rather than leave the shop, Loaño returned to the shelf of DVDs and games, pretending to study it carefully. Out of the corner of her eyes she monitored the two employees. The woman still looked bored, she yawned in disinterest and began filing her nails to pass the time. The man still kept his gaze fixed on her like she’d just appeared on an episode of America’s Most Wanted.

Loaño rolled her eyes. If she wasn’t worried about getting kicked out she might give this dude the finger, god knows she wanted to. She felt extremely uncomfortable with her eyes boring holes into her. She considered waiting outside, but no, it was too risky. She’d just put up with the asshat glaring at her.

The door jingled open again. A young man walked into the store. He wore a black hoodie and covered his face well, hiding most of his features, but Loaño could make them out well enough. He has greasy black hair, an untamed beard, a muscular frame, and light skin. He carried a bag at his side.

He walked up to the counter, facing the woman. “I was wondering if I could get a loan.”

“Sure,” the woman said, feigning enthusiasm. She clicked a few buttons on her computer.

“Just this,” said the man, pulling out a gun.

 The woman’s eyes widened in horror as her heart jumped into her throat. “Please don’t shoot me, I’ll do what you want.” The cash register dinged open as she began scooping money out to give to the man. He took it with his free hand and stuffed it into his bag.

A smirk broke out across the robber’s face. “Don’t bother trying to call the cops, if you do, I’ll just shoot you.” He warned. His finger reached for the trigger. “Same goes for you,” he shot a look at the other employee. He kept his eyes on the two pawn shop workers, but he spoke to Loaño next. “As for you little girl, I don’t like hurting children, so you can go. But if I see one cop get near here then I am shooting them both and it will be your fault.”

“Please don’t shoot the woman,” Loaño said calmly. “But you can shoot the man though. He’s a total asshole. Kept staring at me like I was about to steal something. As if I’d ever steal something from a rundown place like this. Anyway, the cops are already on their way. Didn’t you see that guy’s knee jerk when you pulled out your gun? I figure he activated a silent alarm.”

“Well, no matter, I’ll be gone before the police get here anyway.” The man grinned as he aimed his gun at the woman’s heart and squeezed the trigger. Nothing happened, the trigger refused to move. No matter how hard he tried to pull it, it was stuck in place. He snarled in frustration.

The woman stared back in horror. “SHOOT HIM!” She screamed, pointing at her coworker. “HE’S THE ONE WHO TRIGGERED THE ALARM.” Her arm jiggled furiously, as if the more movement it made the more likely the criminal would obey her suggestion.

“Shit,” the robber swore as he turned to run. He found the young girl blocking his path. “MOVE!” He barked. He tried to swat the girl away like a fly, but she easily caught his hand and bent it backward, making the bones go crunch. He whimpered in pain.

“You really have no clue what you’re doing do you?” Loaño asked as she snatched the gun from the man’s other hand.  She crushed it easily, the metal twisting in her palm like clay. “I figure you’ve been at this for what, a week? Haven’t been hiding your trail very carefully now have you? First the woman at the garden shop, then that dude at the bookstore; that was your big mistake. I liked him. He was my favorite cashier.”

She dropped the gun and made a fist. With a single punch it was all over, the man toppled to the floor unconscious. She pulled her smart phone out of her jeans and hit speed dial. “Yeah I got him. No he isn’t the one, it was way too simple; he didn’t give me any trouble at all. No, I can bring him in myself.” She hung up and sighed. She scooped her things up with one arm and used her free hand to hoist the man over her shoulders, as if he were just some sack of goods she bought while out shopping. She turned to leave, almost ignoring the two employees staring at her in wide eyed amazement. She kicked the door open and started to walk out when she stopped. “Oh yeah, almost forgot.” She flipped the finger at the man who kept staring at her. “That’s for staring at me while I was trying to shop in peace.”

So I have been thinking of an idea for another NS Prequel called Namahage Shinzo: Infinite Prelude

Izumi is both
Also the voices are her friends

Coming Up

Kadoku vs Takuto
Koukon Crisis
Lo uses a new technique known as Roar of the Twilight Dragon